Mohamed-Touhami MAHDI


Free and Open Source Software

I am a Free and Open Source Software enthusiasts. My personal laptop run Parabola GNU/Linux-libre, an FSF endorsed distribution.

My work laptop run Fedora Workstation 25.

No non-free, proprietary or closed source program runs on my machines. Except the ones we cannot get rid off on Android. I am currently looking for a more FOSS friendly smartphone.

Privacy and freedom

In order to protect and have controle over my privacy and freedom, I do not use non-free and centralised networks and services. Instead, I use mostly self-hosted and decentralised or distributed networks, like ownCloud to store and sync my files, XMPP for instant messaging and GNU Social as my primary social netowrk/micro-blogging platform.

I refuse to trade my freedom and privacy for a convinence. I do find it more convinent to run my own services or use ones of someone I personally trust.

Runing my own service allows me to enforce more security standards than most providers.

The page Self-hosting details how I self-host my stuff.


Metal is my favourite music genre for ages. Check out my scrobbles.


Martial Arts

I practice a sino-vietnamse martial art called Tinh Võ Đao (fr).

Fitness & Bodybuilding

Running is not my thing. Instead I enjoy more lifting weight or working out using my own body weight.

Méthode Lafay (fr).