About Touhami

Mohamed-Touhami MAHDI


Free and Open Source Software

I am a Free and Open Source Software enthusiasts. My personal laptop run Parabola GNU/Linux-libre, an FSF endorsed distribution.

My work laptop run Fedora Workstation.

No non-free, proprietary or closed source program runs on my machines. Except the ones we cannot get rid off on Android. I am currently looking for a more FOSS friendly smartphone. Current Candidate is Purism Librem5.

Privacy and freedom

In order to protect and have controle over my privacy and freedom, I do not use non-free and centralised networks and services. Instead, I use mostly self-hosted and decentralised or distributed networks, like NextCloud to store and sync my files, XMPP for instant messaging and Mastodon as my primary social netowrk/micro-blogging platform.

I refuse to trade my freedom and privacy for said convinence. I do find it more convinent to run my own services or use ones of someone I personally trust.

Runing my own service allows me to enforce better security standards than most providers.


Metal is my favourite music genre for ages. Check out my scrobbles.

In regards to Martial Arts, I practice a sino-vietnamse martial art called Tinh Võ Đao (fr).

Running is not my thing. Instead, I enjoy lifting weight or working out using my own body weight or free weights.

Méthode Lafay (fr).