I do prefer self-hosting all my computers needs. My aim is to be a 100% self hosted.

This page describes the services I use and how I host them.

All my services are secured by TLS thanks to Let’s Encrypt.

Social Networing

I currently use GNU Social, an awesome decentralized and federated micro-blogging network.

I do not host it myself for the moment bu trust kollektivet0x242 for this. They have many nodes and I am on the

This will be selfhosted in the future.

File sharing & sync

I use currently ownCloud to host my files and sync them between my devices.

I also use it to send files to people. This allows me to password portect links and set an expiry time.

As times goes ownCloud will be my main file storage system and will host all my files.

Nextcloud is probably going to replace ownCloud in my setup.


On top of ownCloud, I have installed a bunch of application to get organized like:

  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Email webaccess
  • News reader
  • Notes
  • SMS
  • Tasks

The latted is very handy and proposes to attache files directly from ownCloud.

Like this, I can sync everything via owncloud

Additionaly, I use Wallabag, a read it later. On android or desktop, you share in it a web page, it gets analyized and the full articile is stored for you to read it later.

Instant Messaging

To chat with friends and family, I use XMPP. It allows all modern chat features like file sharing, sending pictures and videos, sharing position and audio recording, group chats, avatar, emojis, stickers, etc. Of course, this depends on the used client, but most of them offer most of features.

I recommend using Prosody as a server, Movim as a web interface, Pidgin as a desktop client and Conversations on android.

You can also install an ownCloud application to keep everything in once place if you want to.


Unfortunatly, at the moment, I only use the mailboxes provided by to host my email. I do plan to host them myself.

I have it setup in ownCloud and access it from there when not on my personal laptop.

Personal website

For blogging and having a personal website, I use Hugo. It is a cool static website generator. Hugo is very flexible and blazing fast. You can write pages and blogs in markdown, set up your own structure, layout, design, or probaly just go with the defaults. Hugo is amazing!

Code sharing

As everydeveloper needs to share code, I use Gogs, which is a lightweight web interface for git writtern in Go. It provides all the features I need.

Also planed is a code paste or gist service to Share only snippets of text or code.

Music and Movies

While I stopped watching movies more than a year ago, I still listen to music.

Anyway, if you want to see to what I listen to or watch, two links:

Flox is a self-hosted platform to tell the world the movies you watched, liked or disliked in a stylish way.

Once I have time, I will move all my scrobbles from Libre FM to my own hosted server.